Understanding Micronesian Experiences In Hawaii

OBJECTIVES: Understand the prejudices that Micronesians face in Hawaiian societies and the roots of their discrimination. Hone analytical skills from a topic through collaborative thinking, writing, and discussion activities. Strengthen personal voice in writing activities after reading personal narratives from Micronesians to make text-to-self, text-to-text, or text-to-world connections.

Discovering The World Of The Ancient Champa

OBJECTIVES: Understand the political history of the Champa kingdom, and know basic information about the geography, economics, culture, and importance of the kingdom. Compare and contrast the Champa kingdom to at least one other ancient kingdom of the time period including the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, India, China etc. Effectively analyze primary…

Arithmetic with the Abacus

OBJECTIVES: Learn the history and use of the Chinese and Japanese abacus. Learn how to operate the abacus, including how to count, add, subtract, and use the base-ten system. Build operational and algebraic skills while practicing arithmetic with the abacus.