Discovering The World Of The Ancient Champa



  • Understand the political history of the Champa kingdom, and know basic information about the geography,
    economics, culture, and importance of the kingdom.
  • Compare and contrast the Champa kingdom to at least one other ancient kingdom of the time period
    including the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, India, China etc.
  • Effectively analyze primary and secondary sources related to the Champa kingdom, summarizing their claims
    and using them to construct their own arguments.


The historical development of the Ancient Champa Kingdom, particularly considering politics, economics, and culture.


  1. What was the Champa Kingdom? What did its geography, history, culture, and economic world look like?
  2. Why don’t we learn about the Champa Kingdom?
  3. What is the importance of the Champa Kingdom?
  4. How is the Champa Kingdom different and similar to other ancient civilizations?