Let’s Learn About AANHPI Calendars!



  • Compare and contrast different types of calendars
  • Understand the history and practice of different holidays and calendars from different cultures
  • Understand how calendar systems relate to the lunar and solar cycles
  • Understand how leap years are calculated


Due to factors of colonialism and globalization, many countries today use the Gregorian calendar. However, there are other cultural and national calendars that people use to track months, seasons, and years. In this lesson, students will be exposed to three different calendar systems and compare them to the Gregorian calendar. Students will explore the calendars and the people who use them through geography, astronomy, history, and math.


  1. What calendars are used in different parts of the world?
  2. How do these calendars work mathematically and scientifically?
  3. Why do different groups of people use different calendars?
  4. How do different calendar systems impact the lives of the people who use them?


Lesson plan created in partnership with Diversify Our Narrative