Geography, the Compass, and Navigation



  • Understand essential elements of maps, compasses, and navigation
  • Explore how maps can be used to understand our world through the
  • Examples of geographically close and linguistically related languages
  • Understand the diversity of languages spoken in India


This lesson will expose students to geography and mapmaking, the compass and magnetism, and navigation. Students will explore how maps can be useful for making sense of the world by exploring the development of languages in southern India and their influence on each other due to
geographic proximity.

Note: Each section of the lesson (detailed below) can be taught on different days or all at once


  1. What are maps and what are their uses?
  2. What are the different parts of a map?
  3. What is linguistics?
  4. What languages are spoken in India?
  5. What are compasses?
  6. Where did compasses come from?
  7. What is magnetism?
  8. How is the Earth like a magnet?
  9. How can students combine the ideas of geography and scientific principles of the compass?


Lesson plan created in partnership with Diversify Our Narrative