Exploring Classroom Identities And Intersectionality Through An Asian Jewish Lens



  • Explain intersectionality and apply it to examples and their lives.
  • Explain the meanings of different identities.
  • Explore Asian and Jewish identities, as well as the intersectionality of Asian Jewish identities.


Often, people have an incomplete idea of the nature of different identities, such as Asian and Jewish identities. In this lesson plan, students will explore identity and intersectionality and apply it to Asian Jewish experiences and their own lives. Through videos, discussions, worksheets, and a project, students will gain a greater understanding of what it means to hold multiple identities.


  1. What is intersectionality?
  2. What comprises an intersectional identity?
  3. What are Asian identity and Jewish identity, and what do those identities have to do with intersectionality?
  4. How do Jewish Asian people experience identity and intersectionality?
  5. What are our own identities, and how are they influenced by intersectionality?


Lesson plan created in partnership with Diversify Our Narrative