Analyzing “The End of White Innocence” with Cathy Park Hong



  • Understand the history behind the 1965 Immigration Act and its impact on demography,
    politics, and historical development.
  • Rethink the notion of “shame” in relation to the Asian-American identity and to the end of white innocence.
  • Recognize how the author uses personal anecdotes to support her argument on racial trauma.


This lesson plan analyzes the feelings of shame, race, and racism that are presented in “The End of White Innocence” from Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings, along with its connections to the 1965 Immigration Act. Prior to the lesson, it is important to establish classroom norms that will facilitate a safe space for the discussions and questions contained in this lesson plan. If you have not yet established classroom norms, please utilize this webinar by Diversify Our Narrative to help guide that discussion with your classroom.


  1. What is the 1965 Immigration Act and its legacy today?
  2. How can literature be used to empower the Asian-American identity?


Lesson plan created in partnership with Diversify Our Narrative