AANHPI History Makers



  • Students will conduct research on prominent AANHPI history makers to prepare an oral
    presentation on the individual’s life.
  • Students will engage in discussions regarding the achievements of various AANHPI history makers
    to draw comparisons to their personal experiences and make connections to different historical
  • Students will relay information about their researched individual, ask questions to their peers, and
    develop an appreciation for impactful AANHPI history makers and their contributions to
    contemporary society.
  • Students will practice a variety of basic research methods.


Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders have had significant contributions and impacts on the U.S. and the world throughout history. This lesson plan will highlight the historical significance of four AANHPI individuals and students will learn how many more have done the same through their own research and by reviewing their peers’ research.


  1. Who are some AANHPI history makers in society and history?
  2. What are some impacts AANHPI history makers have on society?
  3. What connections can students make between them and history makers?
  4. How can students research basic biographical information well?