1974 Jung Sai Workers’ Strike



  • Demonstrate an understanding of the intersection between Chinese immigrant labor and the labor
    industry in the late-1900s.
  • Analyze multiple sources about one historical event to explain the events’ causes, effects, and overall impact on American society.
  • Compare and contrast historical events to identify historical trends and explain why varying groups of
    Americans may have different experiences with labor unions, labor Laws, and organizing strikes.



Introduce the 1974 Jung Sai Workers’ Strike to your students using the visual presentation provided or a lecture-style presentation. Students may also use this presentation as a supplementary resource to explore on their own so that you may edit the slides accordingly.


  1. How did exploitative labor practices affect immigrant labor at this time?
  2. How did the social and political environment of the time contribute to the causes and effects of the 1974 Jung Sai Strike?
  3. What similarities and differences can be found between the 1974 Jung Sai Strike and other historical labor strikes?